Hybrid sales red hot

Record high gas prices are attracting drivers to more efficient vehicles these days, especially hybrids, which appear to be flying out of car dealerships.

Hybrids account for only about 3 percent of car sales in the United States, but the figure is on the rise. Sales jumped 58 percent last month compared to sales figures from the same time last year, reported the Los Angeles Times. A dealer in Hollywood told the newspaper that he had 60 buyers on a waiting list for the Toyota Prius.

Information from the automaker mirrors the overall statistics on hybrid sales. Toyota claims that in April it took a Prius an average of 17 days to sell. Today, that figure is down to three days. Of course, hybrids cost more than their gas-guzzling counterparts, so it’s buyer beware when it comes to determining whether to get gouged at the pump or at the lot.