How to reduce your risk of West Nile virus

An interesting Web site to check out:

• Avoid spending time outside directly after dusk (or dawn), when most mosquitoes are feeding and looking for “blood mules.”

• Get rid of all standing sources of water on your property! This is very important, as anything that holds water for more than four days can conceivably be used to breed mosquitoes.

• Use insect repellant. The county health department recommends one with DEET and claims magnetic and ultrasound devices are not as effective against bites.

• When outdoors, keep as covered as possible. (Tough to do in Chico summer.)

• Make sure all your doors and windows have tight-fitting screens without holes or tears.

• If you find a dead bird, don’t touch it. Contact officials. Same is true if you notice a big mosquito problem in your area. You can contact officials at (877) 968-2473 or 533-6038.

Centers for Disease Control:

West Nile Virus Information Line: (866) 847-2246

Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District: 533-6038

Centers for Disease Control (888) 246-2675

Butte County Department of Public Health: 538-7581.