How not to parent

Mother accused of feeding her daughter drug-tainted breast milk

The Butte County District Attorney’s Office reported that investigators from its Drug Endangered Children’s Program rescued a 4-month-old baby girl from a drug-addicted mother who was feeding the child her narcotics-tainted breast milk.

According to a press release, the woman, 35-year-old Sara Jean Weller (pictured), allegedly admitted to noticing the infant suffered the symptoms of withdrawal when she ran out of her supply of drugs. Weller and her husband, 36-year-old Richard Mark Weller, were turned in for injecting themselves with Dilaudid, a powerful synthetic opiate, in front of their children.

In addition to taking custody of the baby, investigators rescued a 2-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy who they say had access to pot-smoking and injection supplies. The Chico couple were booked into Butte County Jail on $54,000 bail.