Hot Tub Time Machine

Rated 2.0

This movie isn’t all bad. It feels like a familiar plot from 25 years ago, with a hot tub (instead of a car) doubling as a time machine and a group of friends getting a chance to relive their happy-go-lucky days. Literally. Three buddies revisit the ski resort where they spent some of the best vacations of their lives during the ’80s. Along for the ride, reluctantly, is the younger Jacob (Clark Duke), who’s been living with his uncle Adam (John Cusack). Back in the day, Adam, Lou (Rob Corddry) and Nick (Craig Robinson) were the best of buds. Lately, they’ve lost touch. Apparently so has their fondly remembered ski resort, which has seen better days. Enter the hot tub to whisk all their worries away. And then replace them with new ones. The acting here is good, although Cusack is an ill fit among the cast of TV stars and B-movie actors. Everything else is average. There are a few standout scenes, but even those are ruined at least a little bit by a lack of common sense. Feather River Cinemas and Tinseltown. Rated R