Holiday nightmare

Chico police spread thin during busy Halloween weekend

Halloween weekend kept the Chico Police Department extremely busy, as officers worked steadily throughout the evenings leading up to the holiday, trying to control hoards of drunken young celebrants.

The department logged 37 arrests between Friday night and early Saturday morning. More than half of them were for public intoxication. Fighting, domestic violence, outstanding warrants, drug possession, and probation violation were among the other arrests. Two stabbings in the south-campus region were reported, but no suspects were located.

Criminal activity escalated the next night. Altogether, 57 people were arrested between Saturday evening and early Sunday morning. Thirty-eight of them were picked up for being drunk in public. The department logged four DUI arrests, along with three for drug possession. Sunday was tame in comparison, though the department did make an additional 22 arrests on the actual holiday.