Boosting local morale

Annie B’s continues to drive local dollars to nonprofits

Bad economy or good, one thing is for sure—Chicoans make nonprofits a priority. That was made clear with the 2010 Annie B’s Community Drive, held through August and September, which netted almost $773,000 to benefit 187 local nonprofits.

While that number is down from last year, which saw donations topping $894,000, the dedication of the community to local agencies is still hard to deny. For the past four years, the North Valley Community Foundation has held the Annie B’s drive in an effort to boost funding for local nonprofit groups. For every dollar donated to a specific organization, the foundation offered a portion of its money as well.

This year, organizations like the Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation, the Boys & Girls Club of the North Valley and Habitat for Humanity were just a few that benefited.