Rated 3.0

If one doesn’t expect much from a action film based on a first-person shooter video game (and at this point, there is no reason anyone should), they may find Hitman to be deliriously Euro-trashy (albeit relentlessly mindless) entertainment. Timothy Olyphant here assays the eponymous character, a odd-gaited cypher with a bar-code tattooed on the back of his shaven head, armed with a preternatural ability to pull deadly weapons from all sorts of hidden places on his body. Seems he’s part of a cleanup crew that some super secret Eastern Orthodox cabal sends their killing machines out to make things better for society at large. Fortunately, it’s produced by Luc Besson (Léon; The Professional) so the action goes down smooth, noisy and flashy. Sometimes that’s all you need for two hours of matinée R-rated shoot-’em-up funsies, and that’s pretty much all the stylishly sexy and bloody Hitman gives you.