Himp C


Though the group’s on hiatus, the Dialecs’ contention in Chico retains a strong presence with the solo debut from Himp C, the first member to release his own record. With Mofax Himp delivers his rhymes with an authoritative yet conversational cadence reminiscent of Rakim. Chance 1 produces the first track, “The Groove,” employing a deeply introspective clarinet melody on which Himp implores listeners to get their “mother lovin’ hands up and eyes open.” A subtle sense of urgency and desperation becomes apparent as Himp’s passionate delivery is juxtaposed against desolate and angst-laden beats. “Okaaay” has a seemingly more “club friendly” beat, but Himp’s rhymes remain socially aware. C-Rays Walz and Hap Hathaway make guest appearances on “The Blackhole,” a commentary on modern society’s fascination with consumerism. Open, honest and vulnerable, Mofax is a welcome change from the materialistic, über-masculine version of rap music that now pervades the mainstream. Go buy it. Now. Available at www.myspace.com/broquebudgetent.