Higher ed, green-style

Tips for an environmentally friendly student abode

Hey, students. Welcome back to another year of college life! In the case of freshmen, welcome to Chico and the university experience. If you’re still in the process of setting up your new pad—whether it’s in a dorm, apartment or house—here are a couple of tips to keep your environmental footprint to a minimum:

Think locally: Shop at independently owned stores for the goods you need. Better yet, try to purchase used goods at one of the excellent thrift stores around town.

Think free: Check online sites like Craigslist.org and freecycle.org for giveaways. On campus, head to Associated Students Recycling to pick up used binders and other materials.

Eco-eats: Every college pad needs snacks. Head each week to the local farmers’ markets for delicious fresh produce, meats and other healthful food to satisfy your munchies.