Eco-conscious cookware

Here are some options to swap out your old pots and pans

If you’re thinking about upgrading those old pots and pans, there are a couple of things to consider when it comes to the health of the environment. First off, think quality over quantity. Sure, you’ll probably have to shell out a bit more money, but investing in something that will last always pays off over the long run.

Here are some options and what makes them eco-friendly (or not):

Copper: Conducts heat extremely well, cooking food faster and more efficiently.

Cast iron: Ultra-durable material that will last forever, saving resources. Also, holds heat extremely well, allowing food to cook even when the heat source is removed.

Flat-bottomed: Pots and pans (and woks) with a flat bottom don’t waste energy.

Recycled: Save resources and energy by choosing products made from recycled material, such as stainless steel and aluminum.

Nonstick: Coatings such as Teflon may make cookware grease-resistant and easier to clean, but they are also often lined with chemicals that linger in the environment and are carcinogenic. Try to steer clear of these products.

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