Hey, kid! Where’s your helmet?

Bike-safety campaign

The Chico Police Department is offering incentives to youngsters who wear their helmets while riding their bicycles, according to a CPD press release.

The bike-helmet campaign—dubbed A Summer of Safety … Education—was developed by parking-enforcement community-services officer Mike DiGiordano, who thought the department’s traffic unit could make good use of slower summer months by contacting kids regarding the importance of wearing a helmet. Since mid-June, officers have contacted about 250 youths, and many who were properly wearing helmets were given raffle tickets for a prize-drawing redeemable at Baskin Robbins on Mangrove Avenue.

Officers also have distributed safety manuals from state and national agencies that focus on traffic safety and education.

The first round of Baskin Robbins summer-treat winners received their prizes July 8, and officers plan to continue the program throughout the summer. For more information on bicycle-helmet safety, visit www.csaa.com/auto/car-traffic-safety/helmet-safety.