Here we go again

Thumbs up—not way up—to the revised disorderly events ordinance that got initial approval from the Chico City Council. The wording is clearly better because, well, it’s clearer: It spells out the lawmakers’ intent in the preamble and includes a sentence exempting peaceful gatherings.

But …

The ordinance remains vague—intentionally vague, it’s safe to say. The loopholes that prompted complaints from community members and the ACLU remain open. Innocent people can still be forced to disperse because of the actions of others. We take little comfort from next year’s council review, because the ordinance cuts documentation needed for a true assessment.

The final reading is April 15, so there’s still time to act. The ordinance is online at (in “4/1/08 Agenda w/reports")—read it and make your feelings known.