The art of Northstate living

A haven is, by definition, “a place of refuge or rest,” a “sanctuary.” But attaining that feeling in our own homes or apartments is easier said than done. Lack of time, money or creativity can stand in the way of making our dwellings everything they ought to be. Enter Haven, a twice-yearly supplement to the Chico News & Review. This publication is designed to help and inspire you to turn your home into a beautiful, and beautifully functional, environment where you can relax and be yourself.

At home with…
Sculptor Roger Braddy is the classiest type of Dumpster diver: He sees the potential in found objects, transforming them into true works of art. Witness his home and back yard, a veritable gallery of artful bicycle seats, shovel handles and more.

Art of Glass
Claudia Schwartz realized the joy of fused glass only seven or eight years ago and has already made a name for herself in the field. Her trays, bowls, jewelry and more are available through local galleries.

Landscapers’ challenge
Learn how to make smart decisions in landscaping from the sources who really know what they’re doing: the landscapers themselves.

Fresh air
There are nearly as many ways to fight the Chico heat as there are to complain about it. We give you a rundown of the possibilities, from “swamp coolers” to installing central air.

Designed for the tube
Could there possibly be anymore home shows? We sift through the mess and grade some of the best—and worst the purveyors of home-and-garden television have to offer.

Pool party
So you want to buy a pool? Whether your budget is tiny or Olympic-sized, there are possibilities for your backyard oasis.

Flea fly foe
’Tis the season for fleas to overrun your house, via your pets. Help the puppies and kitties ditch the itch with natural approaches to flea eradication.

Shoppin’ local
We offer up a basket of locally made products for the home.