Handheld therapy

Self-care made more affordable

Seeking a counselor for mental health maintenance can be a pricey endeavor—the average cost for an hour-long therapy appointment is about $100. The cost of mental health care can shut out a large segment of the population, but a new trend in therapy might bring change. There are now upward of 10,000 downloadable mental health apps available for users to receive meditation guidance, telepsychiatry, online therapy, symptom tracking and management. This approach to self-care is new, and though experts emphasize that the results have yet to be tested, the potential for these apps to provide effective mental health assistance to those who haven’t had access is hopeful. Because the pool of apps is so large and unregulated, experts suggest looking for clinically backed apps and those that have been well-studied. Apps aren’t meant to replace clinicians as much as work in conjunction with them, so do your research and explore your options.

Source: Healthline