Greens truly green

Justin Timberlake opens first LEED Platinum-certified golf course

Golfing almost immediately brings to mind green things, from grass to trees to the actual greens. But just how eco-friendly are they, with carts running all day and regular watering to keep the ground lush? Leave it up to a celebrity to answer that question.

On Saturday (July 25) Justin Timberlake opened the country’s first golf course to receive Audubon International’s Classic Sanctuary certification, as reported on The course, called Mirimichi and located in Memphis, Tenn., will make use of native landscaping, irrigation using rainwater and electric golf carts powered by solar panels. It is also the first U.S. course to receive the LEED Platinum certification.

Timberlake (pictured) told reporters that the course, where he first learned to play golf, had been up for auction and stood to be demolished in favor of development. He decided to buy the place, fix it up, and green seemed the best way to go, he said.

“That’s pretty exciting that you could take all that land and make it eco-friendly,” Timberlake said.