Green jobs up?

Study says sustainability jobs rose fast before the recession

California’s number of green jobs increased by 10 percent between 2005 and 2007, making the state home to approximately 105,000 green jobs, according to a new report. Meanwhile, job growth outside of the green sector rose by about 1 percent, reported the San Jose Mercury News.

Researched by Bay Area firm Collaborative Economics, the 2009 California Green Innovation Index shows that 20 percent of the state’s green jobs were in the manufacturing industry.

In addition to investigating the total number of green jobs, the firm discovered that California led the nation in the number of green-technology patent registrations (between 2002-2007).

Although recently released, the report reflects information from two years ago. It’s unclear at this time how the green job market has been affected by current financial woes plaguing the state and the nation.