Green End

For all the light and bright pop out there to love, there’s also a wealth of deep and moody music that can be just as aurally satisfying. Jesse Hale Moore has gone for the latter with his debut. On Green End, the Philadelphia artist (who also plays in the Philly-based project Nightlands) tackles how to grieve through different levels of loss—a breakup, family members passing. Some of the strongest tracks are the simplest—“Running With You” and “Green End” (the album’s bookends). They illuminate a core of lush piano chords and Moore’s rich tenor voice, harnessed by blooming synths that guide the songs into high-peaked choruses. The album’s only 45 minutes, but the back-to-back-to-back slow ballads seem to lengthen time into one long, emotive stretch. It can get a little intense, but tracks like “Ringing in Your Ears” bring a smooth-soul levity that acts as a breather before diving back into some murkier musical waters. To be clear, it’s worth the swim.