Myths 002

Natalie Mering (aka Weyes Blood) turned some ears last year with her carefully crafted breakthrough album, Front Row Seat to Earth. In the midst of that success, Mering and Ariel Rosenburg (aka Ariel Pink) teamed up for this quick, 14-minute EP. Though brief, the pairing on Myth 002 is complementary. Each embodies a lo-fi ease in her respective project, and their coming together reveals an ’80s-indebted synth-folk expression. Mering’s elongated vocal delivery exudes mystical overtones, sitting perfectly with Rosenburg’s loose, folky harmonies. Part of the pairing’s charm is the constant intermingling with a humorous approach, particularly on the music video for “Tears on Fire” that puts both in medieval wear. The song itself oscillates between a dreamy, lilting folk song under Rosenburg’s buoyant melodies, and sharply turning into Mering’s falsetto prog explosions, with an ending that almost feels like three songs sharply spliced into one. It’s odd, but its oddity helps open a world of exploration in just four songs.