The beleaguered Mediterranean country of Greece certainly has its share of economic and societal woes these days. There’s nothing like music, however, to distract one from such depressing stuff. Greek folk duo Kristi Stassinopoulou and Stathis Kalyviotis’ Greekadelia—a collection of 13 traditional demotika (ethnic-Greek folk) songs remixed with a modern touch—should do the trick. Though Greekadelia’s songs, from various regions throughout Greece, often focus on such less-than-cheery topics as danger and longing, the hypnotic album nevertheless draws one in and away from one’s ordinary troubles. The opening song, “Matia San Kai Ta Dika Sou,” features the sampled voice of a boat captain announcing his vessel’s arrival, played over Stassinopoulou’s mesmerizing vocals and harmonium and Kalyviotis’ traditional Greek stringed lauto. In “Halassia Mou,” Stassinopoulou sings of her yearning for her beloved partner who has been away for years; Kalyviotis supports with droning backup vocals that perfectly complement the contemplative tune. The complex melody line of the haunting “To Ponemeno Stithos Mou”—about one whose heart is “weeping”—effectively shows off Stassinopoulou’s flexible, interesting voice.