Great expectations

This year’s winners in the kids’ category

‘Am I Weird?”
by Lexie Stiemsma, 7, Chico
There once was a funny little girl named “Boy” who wore sweatshirts in the summer and tank tops in the winter. Boy’s bike was as small as a mouse’s bike. Her house was upside down. Boy never talked during the day, but she talked in her sleep. Her dog meowed and her cat barked. Am I weird? End The.

Lexie is a first-grader at Neal Dow Elementary School. For fun, she writes and illustrates books for friends and family members. She also recently took first place at her school’s science fair.

by Sierra Smallwood, 10, Princeton
Once there was a chicken walking down the road. He got ran over. Then he was dead. A mad scientist ran out on the road and picked up the chicken. He took him to his laboratory. There he revived the chicken and put robot parts on him. Then he named the chicken “Robot Chicken” and made him watch television.

Sierra, a fifth-grader at Princeton Elementary School, loves arts and crafts—especially scrapbooking. She also likes to play softball and eat pizza.

‘A Boy Named Abraham”
by Abraham Max Del Real, 4, Chico
Once there was a boy named Abraham. The boy went to a swimming pool and said, “It is too hot in summer.” Then he set off with his own car without any parents. The boy saw a spider and it had a beard; so did the boy. They were twins. They boy was scared. He went to his bedroom.

A four-year-old Sagittarius with fighting blue eyes, Abraham (a.k.a. Hammer) claims active membership to Chico Nursery School Co-op, the public library and Upper Crust Cafe on Saturday mornings. He likes skateboarding, goats, firemen and home-made haircuts. Asked to share a message with the masses, Abraham coolly notes, “Be safe.”