Grand plans

Chico’s Salvation Army gets the OK to build a new facility at its current location

Chico’s Salvation Army may get new digs on East 16th Street, the site of its current facility.

During the Chico Planning Commission’s meeting last Thursday (Oct. 5), the panel approved a special permit that would allow the nonprofit to build a new, 18,700-square-foot community center at 567 E. 16th St., between Laurel and Elm streets. The building would include a multipurpose room with a stage, gymnasium and kitchen area, along with other various offices and classrooms.

The permit also will allow the organization to combine what are currently five parcels on the lot into one. An alley, which is owned by the city, would be purchased by the Salvation Army.

The project would include a reduction in parking, but the nonprofit said the number of spaces would substantially meet its average and peak demands.