Gone green

CN&R’s annual issue celebrating people and projects in support of the Earth

It’s April! That means it’s Earth Month, one of CN&R’s favorite times of the year.

Every week for the past six years we’ve been dedicated to providing readers with environmental news and features via our Greenways section. But this time of year, around Earth Day (Monday, April 22), we up our commitment to being the best go-to source for eco-related stories in the region by presenting our annual Green Issue.

This year, the collection of stories ranges from local folks doing good green works, to an all-important statewide issue, to a company that does environmental work overseas. You’ll read about the controversial proposal out of Gov. Jerry Brown’s office to build gigantic (and hugely expensive) peripheral tunnels for water transport from Northern California to Southern California. You’ll also read about a Chico-based fish-monitoring company whose work in Southeast Asia and elsewhere helps determine waterway health.

In another piece, there’s advice from a local gardener on starting up a community garden. And in yet another story, an interior-design instructor at Chico State shows off the furniture he and his students have made from recycled and reclaimed materials.

Happy Earth Month!