Ghost Rider

Rated 1.0

If you dress Nicolas Cage up in leather, put him on a motorcycle and set his head on fire, will he still be cool? Yes. He will—even with a bad hair-piece—but the movie will likely be a burning pile of nonsensical crap. This Marvel comic-turned-feature film starts out in fast-forward. Johnny Blaze (Cage), a motorcycling carnie, finds out his dad has cancer and sells his soul to the devil for his cure. Of course, he should’ve known better than to trust the devil (a Peter Fonda) and everything goes to hell. Johnny ends up ditching his girlfriend, Roxanne (Eva Mendes), and making it big doing crazy cycle stunts to packed arenas. One might think by speeding through the intro the rest of the film would be packed with fiery goodness. In this case, one would be wrong. What could have been some kick-ass action scenes with flames and skeletons and motorcycle stunts are reduced to downright mediocre, and at times laughable, with amateurish special effects.