Get the most from your gas

With a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline nearing the $4 mark, now, more than ever, is the time to conserve.

Of course, the best way to cut down is to stay out of gasoline-operated vehicles by traveling by bike or on foot. Other alternatives include hopping on the bus or buddying up and commuting.

But with summer on the horizon, those options aren’t always going to work. Still, there are other ways to conserve on gasoline, and the efforts will benefit the environment as well as your pocketbook.

Here are some of the best gas-saving tips we found at

Don’t speed: You’ll get up to 21 percent better mileage by traveling 55 mph. That’s more than $10 of gas saved for every $50 fill-up.

Pump it early: Get more bang for your buck by buying gas in the early morning or late evening when gas is most dense.

Take it smooth: Whenever possible, avoid rough roads. Bumpy travel takes more fuel, up to 30 percent more!

Under pressure: Check with the manufacturer for your vehicle’s maximum tire pressure. Then, fill ’em up.

Easy does it: When taking off from a stop, accelerate slowly to let your carburetor run as efficiently as possible.