Get in the game

CN&R’s annual sports guide looks at how Chico competes

Photo By Tom Angel

From the very organized to the decidedly unorganized, there are all kinds of outlets for uncorking your competitive juices in Chico, if the back, knees, ankles and feet can still take it. And we’ve got the whole wide range covered here: grading the best blacktop basketball courts; looking in on the Chico State club league for the football-like disc sport Ultimate; BMX racing at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds; and the 10,000-participant-strong softball, baseball, volleyball, soccer and basketball leagues of Chico Area Recreation District.

Lace ’em up. It’s time to get in the game.

Blacktop basketball
Grading Chico’s best courts for pickup games

Home court advantage

Team players
With nearly 10,000 participants, CARD’s adult sports leagues keep Chico in shape, one game at a time

The ball tolls for you

Just Ultimate
Ultimate isn’t just for hippies anymore

Bike path
BMX glory awaits kids at the Silver Dollar BMX track