Get behind the park

Construction of a park on what is now a barren piece of ground smack-dab in the middle of the Ceres neighborhood is so obviously a good idea that it’s hard to imagine why anyone would object to it.

This is a developed residential neighborhood full of families, and a park at its center would provide not only a wonderful gathering spot, but also a place to play for the many hundreds of children who live in the neighborhood. The land has been available and designated for a park for 20 years, and the vote now being taken is probably the last opportunity to bring it to life.

Residents are being asked to pay $36 a year, or a measly dime a day, to maintain the park. The city, in return, will invest nearly $1 million—the cost to build the park—and in so doing enhance nearby property values far beyond the cost to residents, even those who don’t live right next to the park.

We urge Ceres neighborhood residents to get behind their park. It will be your contribution not only to your neighbors, but to the rest of Chico as well. Your hometown will be a better place because of your willingness to sponsor and support this park.