Future in politics?

Here’s just some of the info you must provide to work with Obama

Have you thought about going into a career in government? Well, for those applying for high-level jobs under President-elect Obama, there’s quite a lengthy, in-depth questionnaire, asking about everything from financial background, domestic help and even personal diaries. Here’s a sample of some of the information requested, based on the full list published by the New York Times.

• All résumés and biographical statements issued in the past 10 years.

• Any controversial matters you’ve ever dealt with during your career.

• A list (and copy, if available) of every book, article, column or blog you’ve authored. Include aliases used on the Internet.

• Any diary you’ve kept that could imply a conflict of interest or serve as a source of embarrassment.

• Any financial records you would not release to the public.

• If you or your spouse has ever filed late income-tax forms.

• If you or any family member older than 21 has ever been investigated by law enforcement or arrested.

• A list of any and all domestic help, years and nature of service, and whether those individuals were eligible to work in the United States.

• The URL for any Web sites you run or that feature you (including MySpace).

• Results of your last physical.

• A list of anyone you know who might be a source of embarrassment.