Forget Thanksgiving

New holidays to break your seasonal boredom

Tell the truth. You’re sick of wreaths … and blow-up lawn decorations … and spinning the dreidel. Eating lots of food is still great, but the in-laws? If the impending holiday season’s traditional celebrations are making you weep tears of boredom, then dry those weary eyes and see what alternative holidays you might have been missing all these years.

Date Holiday What do I have to do?
Nov. 16 Have a Party With Your Bear Day Just keep it clean.
Nov. 21 World Hello Day Say hello to 10 people.
Nov. 25 International Aura Reading Day Host an aura-sketching party.
Nov. 28 Buy Nothing Day Eat a leftover turkey leg while watching TV for free at Best Buy.
Dec. 4 Wear Brown Shoes Day No white socks, please.
Dec. 5 Repeal Day Celebrate the 21st Amendment, which repealed Prohibition. Maybe should be merged with Tie One On Day (Nov. 25).
Dec. 6 Mitten Tree Day Feel free to improvise with shoe trees, money trees.
Dec. 14 National Bouillabaisse Day First, look up definition of bouillabaisse. Then, look forward to Dec. 16.
Dec. 16 Chocolate-Covered Anything Day Chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, chocolate-covered chocolate cake, chocolate-covered Chocodiles
Dec. 31 Make Up Your Mind Day Resolve to lose 20 pounds this year or lobby to extend Chocolate-Covered Anything Day to a month’s worth of festivities.