Fresh from a California World Music Festival appearance last month, the Fruity ones appear in the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room Tuesday, Sept. 4, at 7:30 p.m. Purchase tickets ($15) at the brewery or call (530) 345-2739.

Fruit, a band of many moods, can be brash and bawdy or soulful and solemn. And the mostly female group shows off its entire repertoire of personalities on its fifth release, Here for Days. The CD offers 13 songs of life observations and self-realizations. But what is it about the sassy, Australian alterna-pop band that’s making international audiences stand up and take notice? For starters, Fruit showcases a diverse but balanced set of three distinctly outstanding vocalists, each of whom writes her own songs. Add excellent songwriting and bright, crisp arrangements to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for success. The MVP of the group is undoubtedly co-lead-vocalist Mel Watson, with her ever-changing array of horns, which includes clarinet, trumpet, saxophone and flute. Watson, a tattooed rock ‘n’ roll showgirl, offers five tunes, from a sweet ballad, "Mamma Mamma," to "Burnt and Crispy," which tears into a punky sonic assault by song’s end. Singer/guitarist Susie Keynes and bassist Sam Lohs both contribute four tunes to the album. Their songs also offer a wide range of personas, from Keynes’ sultry torch song, "Romantic Sentimentalist," to her potential pop hit, "Yeah, Yeah," to Lohs’ "Wounded Child," which goes from soft and melancholy to a no-holds-barred grunge-guitar attack in four and a half wonderful minutes. Live, Fruit is a scream.