Hynes is appearing in Chico on Friday, Aug. 24, at the Senator Theater.

Dublin-born Nina Hynes’ whispery and melodic voice brings a haunting note to the sounds on her Creation album. Creation was voted Number 44 in’s TOP 100 releases of the year. Alternative Press called her a “Trip-hop-Bond-girl-in-training.” Hynes taught herself to play guitar and started out her musical career by dropping out of Trinity College in Ireland and moving to Northern Ireland. Her beautiful voice is similar to that of Sarah McLachlan and rings sweetly through emotional pop songs such as “William Tell” and “This Magic Stuff.” The music has a soothing and calming effect on the ears and reverberates with a passionate undertone that can stop you in your tracks. Hynes is currently working on a new album, called Staros, that has over 11 musicians as guests. When performing in Ireland, she opens for noteworthy American indie acts such as Cat Power and Stereolab, and she has been compared to everyone from the Sundays to Bjork.