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Being a student comes with privileges … free privileges

Show ID and get a free bus ride, check-up and workout.

Show ID and get a free bus ride, check-up and workout.

While getting a college education should be reward enough, let’s face it, getting free stuff just for being a Chico State or Butte College student is pretty sweet as well. Although the tuition continues to spike at an amazing rate, and even though some of the “free” stuff below is actually paid for with fees that make up some of those rising costs, the convenience of not having to pull out cash—for both necessary services and bonus perks—goes a long way for a poor college student.

Don’t miss out. Take advantage of the whipped cream on top of that expensive pie you had to pay for.

Free sweat

The Freshman 15. It’s said that freshmen eat enough unchecked fast food, junk food and sodas (and even, on occasion, adult beverages) to gain around 15 pounds by the end of their first year in college. But that doesn’t have to be you. The Wildcat Recreation Center (WREC) is clearly one of the best student benefits at Chico State. All you have to do is register at the front desk, and you’ll be on your way to exercising and staying healthy. The WREC features many great activities for you such as swimming, weight lifting, running, basketball, indoor soccer, volleyball, yoga classes and even climbing (see WREC feature, p. 20).

Free tune-up

Feeling a little out of it? Is your immune system not fighting off whatever crud is going around campus? This is where the Student Health Center comes in. Located on Warner Street, across from Whitney Hall, the health center offers free services to students in medical treatment, prevention and health education. Go in for a check-up and don’t let the crud last all semester long. For more information, visit their website at

Free ride

Not all students on campus own a bike or a car. But if you don’t (and even if you do), there is the B-Line bus system, a free transportation resource that will take you nearly anywhere you need to go in Chico and Butte County. You just have to have your Wildcat card handy and swipe it inside the bus. Same goes for Butte College students—and if you need to get to campus, you’re in luck as there’s a Butte College bus that stops regularly in Butte County’s major cities. Your fees have already paid for it, so take advantage and do the environment a little favor by leaving your car parked. For route info visit or

Free food

Although you might not be able to get a completely free meal, being a student can get you discounts on food at some Chico restaurants—Panda Express and Augie’s Café, for example. Especially at businesses surrounding Chico State, just ask ahead of time if they offer student discounts, and check local newspapers for promotions.