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So you’re here now, on the little island of Chico. No civilization for 100 miles in every direction. Maybe you’re thinking, “What have I signed up for?!”

As a new student, you likely have school, partying and that cute guy or gal you saw outside the Financial Aid Office on your mind. (And maybe you’re even a little homesick?) What might not be on your mind is what this adventure in Chico will represent after it has played itself out. Will you discover yourself and launch from Chico into the world in pursuit of your true calling? Will you become enamored with Chico and make it your new home? (You wouldn’t be the first.) Will you transfer after one semester?

Whatever your intentions are and however your experience plays out, most of you will find Chico to be a comfortable, peaceful, fun place to start your adult life. The Chico News & Review has put together this Goin’ Chico guide to help ease your transition with information and tools to get you acclimated to your new environment.

Chico News & Review Editor Robert Speer has been in Chico for decades, and he has provided a crash course in what you need to know about this small town, as well as advice on avoiding some of the potential new-student pitfalls.

Of course, the place where you will spend the bulk of your time is the Chico State campus, and we have several stories to help orient you to what the impressive university has to offer—from career, social and cultural services to the amazing Wildcat Recreation Center and the brand-new on-campus residence hall.

Though it may seem like the university has everything you need, we locals hope you’ll venture beyond the campus boundaries into the city we’re so proud of and soak up some of the local flavors (and maybe even contribute some of what you bring to the community). You’ll see right away that music and the arts are huge components of Chico’s personality, and we’ve given a comprehensive introduction to the at times overwhelming offerings of the city’s artists and promoters.

As your first school year unfolds, pick up the Chico News & Review every Thursday to find out what Chico is up to. We welcome you as new players in the Chico story that we are constantly striving to tell.