Freaky Friday

Crazy Red With Envy DVD release show

Red With Envy singer Chavez Jarret

Red With Envy singer Chavez Jarret

Photo By Tom Angel

Red With Envy Senator Theatre Fri., May 13

Local metal crew Red With Envy could not have picked a better night than Friday the 13th to debut its new DVD at the Senator Theatre. There were more than a few freaks out, including some walking around the venue with caked-on Insane Clown Posse makeup.

After warm-up bands Reverse Order and Brain in a Cage played, clips from the RWE DVD were brought to life on a giant white sheet, where vocalist Chavez Jarrett was projected doing his best Napoleon Dynamite dance moves with Jamiroquai’s “Canned Heat” playing in the background—funny stuff. Edited by guitarist Austin Comnick, the DVD features footage of the band’s past two years of playing, touring and goofing off at gigs in Chico.

Jarrett next joined the band on a smoke-filled stage, paying tribute to Friday the 13th‘s Jason, briefly wearing a white hockey mask as the band went straight into the chunky opening chords of “Silence.” Under the glow of the red stage lights beating down on them, the group ran through a slew of new material.

Toward the middle of RWE’s hour-long set Jarrett hopped onto the front speaker and held a long scream with a pained, anguished expression, only to segue into the melodic intro of the mellow “In Dreams.” The night ended with Jarrett leading the audience chanting song lyrics, “I’d die for you, would you die for me?” It didn’t take much yelling from the crowd to convince RWE to come back for an encore.