Fitness guru

Mark Nett

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15 Minute Fitness is not your average gym. First, the small fitness center at 1390 E. Ninth St. (near Highway 99) guarantees the average client a weight loss of about 10 pounds a month if its program of two 15-minute weight-training sessions per week and nutritional guidance is followed. Second, it ranks as likely the quietest and best-smelling gym for miles around. There is no loud rock music pumping over loudspeakers, and a pleasant smell of incense fills the air. Also, its walls are not covered with mirrors, and it is the only gym in town with a painting of the Buddha and a large, meditative water-wall gracing its confines. Owner Mark Nett opened his gym a year and a half ago and designed it based on feng shui principles. The 41-year-old Nett spent his 20s as a competition “natural bodybuilder” prior to his seven years in Australia and Thailand, where he learned to speak Thai and studied Buddhism. The Paradise High graduate has a bachelor’s degree from Chico State in health science. For more information, log onto or call 809-1258.

How does 15 Minute Fitness work?

It’s high-intensity, short-duration, hence the name. I’m all about bio-mechanics. The premise of what I do is you’ve got to bring your muscle to failure, then your body will adapt. Body composition is my specialty—losing body fat, gaining lean muscle. When you do that, you change your metabolism. I combine nutrition with strength training.

Basically, what are the rules of 15 Minute Fitness?

Smaller portions of food plus weight-bearing exercise with light weights—no heavy weights. I do an assessment of each person—medical history, blood pressure, measurements and weight, a before photo and a strength test. Then I go over nutrition. I do assessments and reassessments every month.

What can you tell me about the propeller on the wall?

It’s for positive energy flow. People should leave here with positive energy—that, in turn, will help them with their eating.

Why do you do this job?

I love it. It’s an incredible, powerful thing to change somebody’s life. I do it because I have seen so many people change on so many different levels. And it’s not just physical—it’s mental and spiritual. Health clubs are usually a very insecure place—it’s about the energy. There’s a large fail rate in the [mainstream] health clubs. Mine is the exact opposite. I have a very high success rate.

What would you do if somebody opened a 14 Minute Fitness next door?

Wish ’em good luck.