Fields of dreams

CN&R’s annual Entrepreneur Issue celebrates success—from retail to farming

Ever thought of starting up your own business, be it a restaurant, a home bakery or a small farm? Well, you're not alone. But finding success is based on more than just a little know-how. That's why, for our annual Entrepreneur Issue, the CN&R decided to sit down with a handful of local business people who've proven themselves up to the task.

In the following pages, you'll find stories about a local bar owner/restaurateur with three successful downtown businesses—and one in the works; a startup home-based cookie shop where decorations range from unicorns to eyeglasses; a flower farm where beauty and eco-friendliness are key; a tech guru whose latest e-commerce endeavor includes a component that tackles crushing student debt; the owner of a comic book store that's stood strong for 26 years despite the wrath of Amazon; and a nonprofit arts organization that's become a cultural hub in Chico.

Entrepreneurs are the dreamers among us. Whether their visions are big or small, these folks have turned them into reality. We hope you're inspired by their stories.