Fertile soil

A glance at [some of] the roots and tributaries of Spark & Cinder

A rough lineage and chronology

• Jackstraw, Supa Nova (Jimmy, Jerry, Billy Bax, Etc.)

• Butte Creek Family Band (Michael Cannon, et al.) later joined by future Spark’s members

• Ramoon (Stevie Cook’s first Chico band)

• Spark & Cinder started 1976 (EastCoast/Jersey City guys, joined by Butte Creek members and others).

• Prairie Biscuit formed in 1976 by Kim Gimbal, Bob the Barber, Gary LaPado.

• 1980 Butte Creek Family Band added Stevie Cook.

• Late 1980, Road Raisin was formed with former Prairie Biscuit members Kim, Bob and Stevie Cook joined by Therese Chudy and Billy Councilman.

• Butte Creek Family Band disbanded in ‘83.

• Butte Creek Sextet formed later in year with Mike Cannon, Marilyn Cannon, Stevie Cook, Jimmy Fay, Mike Hart, Phil LaRocca.

• Mid ‘80s: Billy Councilman left Road Raisin and was replaced by Jimmy Fay on drums.

• Steve Cook Acoustic Trio started in 1985 with Stevie Cook, Jimmy Fay, Kim Gimbal.

• In the same time-frame The Breeders (they all had kids) was formed with Jimmy Fay, Stevie Cook, Billy Bax, Larry Peterson.

• Stevie Cook joined Sparks in 1986; soon after Kim Gimbal joined the band on keyboards.

• During ‘80s and ‘90s various Spark’s members also played in different off-shoots including The John LaPado Band, The Hats, The Night Knights, Broadway Bros., Dogs Without Brains, Pub Scouts, The Blue Movers, etc.

• Expanded version of Butte Creek Sextet formed in 1987 with horn section. Added Dana Olsen, Kim Gimbal, Jeff Daub, and featured Sam Yarborough and Therese Chudy as front vocalists. When Sam left the band, Stevie Cook replaced him as vocalist.

• Started the Stevie Cook Band in 1988 featuring Jimmy Fay, Kim Gimbal, Jerry Morano, Dana Olsen, Jim Hall.

• The Stevie Cook Trio expanded to a quintet with percussionists Jerry Morano and Zach Cowen joining Stevie, Jimmy, and Kim.

• 1990s Jimmy played with Mother Hips for a while.

• During all this, Spark & Cinder remained consistent, and the centerpiece to this music scene. Numerous musicians weaved in and out of the band over the 30 years it has existed. The only constant member who has played every Spark and Cinder gig is its leader, Jimmy Fay.