Fee hike debate delayed

Students won’t know for at least another week whether they’ll be facing a 25 percent—or even higher—fee increase.

The California State University Board of Trustees decided not to act on the issue at its meeting this week, because it fell at the same time Gov. Gray Davis was scheduled to release the May Revise of the state budget.

That document could change everything.

At May 13’s Academic Senate meeting, statewide Senator Kathy Kaiser reported on the variety of “poor choices” that came up in a recent meeting with CSU Chancellor Charles Reed. The Democrats and Republicans both have plans, with the Republican plan being the scariest: Fees could go up as much as 60 percent and enrollment could be reduced by 31,000 systemwide and 3,106 people could be laid off.

Even though the decision was put off, several Chico State students, included outgoing Associated Students President Jimmy Reed, traveled to Long Beach to plead with trustees not to hand down such a large hike.