Fall film preview

With Oscar season approaching, News & Review critics look at what could be (and have been) the year’s best films

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If there’s one common thread weaving its way through this year’s batch of fall film releases it’s that … wait, actually there’s not much linking these flicks together. Except, perhaps, that they’re more highbrow than the average summer flick. A bit more serious. A bit more Academy Award-worthy, if you will. ’Tis the season, after all: The Oscars will be handed out in early 2015, meaning now’s the time for the movie companies to start trotting contenders out for our consideration. Which also means now’s the time for films based on books, period pieces and brainy, conversation-heavy ensembles (i.e., fewer special effects or things going “Boom!”).

The weather probably won’t cool off until at least Halloween, but, lucky you, movie theaters are always air-conditioned. Grab a cozy fall sweater and start planning that cinema hibernation now.