Eternal Tapestry

Beyond the 4th Door

Eternal Tapestry is the missing link between M83 and that especially gnarly acid trip you had back in ’71. They’re definitely not of this Earth. The Portland five-piece has mutated and shape-shifted over the past five years, evolving into a focused, slightly out-of-focus psychedelic unit. On their latest five-song LP (that’s long player), Eternal Tapestry has abandoned conventional songwriting and structure, relying on one another—in the moment—to see what sort of sounds will emerge. All but one song (the taut, five-minute “Cosmic Manhunt”) is improvised. The rest clock in at just under 10 minutes apiece, traversing alien landscapes and sun-baked deserts via warbly guitars and occasional saxophone scronk (it should come as no surprise that two members have done time with unpredictable experimentalists Jackie-O Motherfucker). Beyond the 4th Door ends with “Time Winds Through a Glass, Clearly,” a powerful and cinematic slow-burner that utilizes all of the band’s powers. Those final 12 minutes will make you wish you were a fly on the wall during the recording. Of course, the contact high alone would have been worth it.