Eco-friendly ant repellent

Try these home remedies before using harsh chemicals

Finally. Some picnic weather. This sure has been an odd spring. Don’t worry, though, we’re going to have plenty of warm—too warm, for some of us—weather in no time. Of course, when the temperature goes up, our homes tend to get some uninvited guests.

We’re talking about ants. The little critters start poking around indoors this time of year, looking for water. Before reaching for a can of chemical killer, why not check out some nontoxic alternatives?

Cucumbers—the peels in particular—are a natural deterrent to a variety of insects, especially ants. The insects detest vinegar, too, so fill a squirt bottle (best to use white, so it doesn’t stain) and spray the areas the creatures are invading.

Here are a few more options:

• Black pepper

• Cinnamon

• Bay leaves

• Baby powder

• Mint leaves

• Cayenne pepper

• Ground cloves