Drew Emmitt

Freedom Ride is an upbeat, down-home Drew Emmitt classic. The title track takes off with jammin’ mandolin and fiddle solos that are well complemented by Pasi Leppikangas’ drums. This song has great energy, even before Emmitt’s vocals begin. Once they do, the songs echo the classic sound and energy that he is known for from his work with slamgrass kings Leftover Salmon.

I just love music that can make you feel happy, as this does. The musical solos are impressive—featuring brilliant guest musicians like Sam Bush, Vassar Clements, Peter Rowan, Randy Scruggs and more.

I liked this CD so much I’ve chosen two tracks to play at my upcoming wedding reception! The first is “Solid Ground,” track three. It’s a very romantic bluegrass song with a sweet beat. The second is track four, “Valley of the Moon,” a heartfelt description of a beautiful place. Acoustic solos by mandolin, guitar, banjo and fiddle each help paint the colorful image of the valley of the full moon.

All of the tracks on this CD are worth checking out. Especially “Memories of Mother and Dad,” which is reminiscent of O Brother, Where Art Thou, and Drew’s spunky version of Bob Dylan’s classic "Tangled up in Blue."