Leftover Salmon

Watch out, Salmonheads, here’s the CD you’ve been waiting for.

Finally, a CD that captures the essence of “FEESSS—TI—VAALLL!!!” style music that Leftover Salmon is known for creating.

“Let’s Give a Party,” track one on this CD, is so much fun that I have to dance every time I hear it. If you need motivation to move, to dance, or even just to clean your house, then you need to hear this song. It definitely gets you moving with its super high-energy sound and its rocking piano jams performed by talented Bill Mckay. I also enjoyed Bill’s piano solos on track three, “Bill’s Boogie,” which is truly a party song that gets its feel from rock, rhythm and blues.

Just listening to this one makes me want to go to a music festival. Which happens to be a possibility, since the Fourth of July marks the start of the 12th annual High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy. Leftover Salmon headlines this event each year and will be doing so this Friday night. It always proves to be a blast. So, check out this CD, Leftover Salmon Live, then, head to the festival and boogie down!