Don’t call it a comeback!

Bay Area metal giant Forbidden is ready to thrash again

Hair today …Forbidden is back after 12 long years.

Hair today …Forbidden is back after 12 long years.

Forbidden performs Fri., Feb. 22, at Lost On Main. Fallon, Fork Tung and After the Silence open.

Lost On Main
319 Main St., Chico

“The word ‘reunion’ is like taking that vomit medicine,” admits Craig Locicero, who started a band called Forbidden Evil in San Francisco back in 1985.

Locicero laughs when talking about the wave of recent reunions by bands like The Police and Van Halen that play off nostalgia to reach deep into middle-aged America’s pocket books.

So what could possibly bring on a Forbidden (the band dropped the “Evil,” but not the evil, in 1987) reunion more than a decade after the group disbanded?

A little documentary called Get Thrashed, to be released on DVD in May, which looks back at the good ol’ days of thrash metal with all the drugs, drinkin', moshin', fightin’ and devil horns you can stomach. Oh yeah, there’s music, too—Slayer, Metallica, Exodus, Anthrax … Forbidden. The film got even Locicero’s nostalgic side burning like a Norwegian church.

“It’s funny, the fact that we’re older,” said the well-spoken guitarist. “But this is no joke.”

It’s been 12 years to be exact, since Forbidden’s last show. Sheesh, maybe there really isn’t anything to laugh at here: The band recently added a second San Francisco date at Slims after selling out its Feb. 28 gig, and it’s brought in double-kick, triplet wunderkind Gene Hoglan behind the kit, (see his credentials below). Not to mention that the first show of the tour, which takes place right here in Chico, is rumored to be attracting some big names in metal who want to witness Forbidden’s triumphant return (Slayer’s Dave Lombardo, for one). Good thing the city took “moshing” out of the “disorderly events” ordinance.

So what have the lads of Forbidden been up to the last decade? Well, metal dudes don’t go flipping no burgers when their band breaks up—that would mean shaving and cutting their hair. So, like any good band with any mettle in the zany, incestuous world of metal, the members have kept busy playing in other projects.

Original drummer Paul Bostaph went on to play with bands like Slayer, Exodus and Testament. And original guitarist Robb Flynn started his own band Machine Head, and played with Quarteto Da Pinga along with former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser. See? Incestuous.

Below is a look at what the members of Forbidden’s current (considered the “classic") lineup have been doing with themselves. Heard of any of them? Mmm hmm—just another reason to be glad that the band is back together.

Craig Locicero (guitar)
Manmade God

Russ Anderson (vocals)
Parking Lot Prophets

Glen Alvelais (guitar)
Scorched-Earth Policy

Matt Camacho (bass)
Manmade God

Gene Hoglan (drums)
Dark Angel
Strapping Young Lad
Old Man’s Child
Pitch Black Forecast