Do the Dutch Reach

Cyclist-safety maneuver for exiting vehicles

It might sound like a kitschy dance, but the Dutch Reach is a common sense technique for preventing bicycle injuries that we all can use. If you’ve ever been “doored” while biking, or witnessed such an accident, you know the reason for this measure. When exiting a vehicle, both drivers and passengers should use the far hand to open the door, reaching across your body to grab the door handle. This forces you to slightly swivel and look over your shoulder to check for bikes and traffic. Dutch kids learn this in school, and it’s a necessary skill for passing a driving test in the Netherlands. The Reach also has been incorporated into the Massachusetts driver’s manual and is being advocated for in Berlin, Dublin, Toronto and Washington, D.C. If Chico wants to truly embrace its bike city status, we should do it here, too. Learn more at