Coffee naps?

Counterintuitive method of post-caffeine snoozing may boost energy

If you’re facing an all-nighter or need an afternoon brain boost, try a coffee nap (i.e., sleep after you sip)—an unconventional approach that can increase your brain’s capacity to receive caffeine. Although research is limited, there is science behind the method. When you feel tired, a chemical that promotes sleep called adenosine increases circulation in your body. Adenosine levels drop when you fall asleep. Caffeine competes with adenosine for receptors in your brain, so if you stall the circulation of adenosine with a short nap, you increase the availability of receptors for caffeine. Experts suggest that you can reap the benefits of a coffee nap by consuming caffeine right before falling asleep for approximately 20 minutes, the amount of time it takes to feel the effects of caffeine. Take your coffee nap more than six hours before bedtime to prevent sleep disturbances; 200 mg of caffeine—about two cups of coffee—is the best dose to feel more energized when you wake.

Source: Healthline