Where there’s smoke …

Inhalation recovery tips in the wake of megafires

We’ve all spent the past few weeks sucking down smoke from the Carr and Mendocino Complex fires; many are suffering from coughs, difficulty breathing and headaches. Wildfire smoke has conveyed into the valley a complex mixture of gases and fine particles, which hopefully have dissipated by the time of this issue’s publication.

To help speed your recovery, be sure to drink lots of water and consider adding vitamin C, ginger and thyme to your diet. If you think your symptoms are more severe (hoarse breathing, coughing spells, mental confusion, etc), visit your doctor.

Megafires will become more frequent and grow in size as our climate catastrophe is exacerbated by the erosion of environmental regulations. Prepare for the future by stocking up on masks called particulate respirators with either a N95 or P100 rating. Choose a mask with two straps for a secure fit. The next time the valley is shrouded in smoke, wear your mask when venturing outdoors to lessen your smoke exposure.

Sources: WebMD, Tru Health Medicine and the Environmental Protection Agency