If you live in the Chico area and you’re between the ages of 10 and dead, there’s a fair chance that you have at least heard of the band Furlough Fridays. For the past seven years, they’ve been a steady presence in the local music scene, and on their second studio album, Divided, they display confidence that comes with such longevity. Anyone familiar with the band’s 2011 debut album, Sliver, will know what to expect: big rock guitars and drums, a driving bass and vocalist Linda “Minnie Mental” Bergmann’s expansive (from Morissette to Joplin) range. However, the latest isn’t merely an extension of Sliver. Recorded more than a year ago (with former bandmates Sam Casale and Brian Larson on drums and lead guitar, respectively), Divided offers a more raw, live-show feel than its predecessor. As big as much of the album is, my vote for MVP might be “Still Water,” which showcases a lighter style of guitar/cymbal work combined with the louder, faster sections that the band is known for. With new drummer (and Linda’s husband) JP Bergmann joining what is now a four piece—rounded out by another married musical couple, bassist Meagan and guitarist Adam Yates—the band has no plans to pare down the sound. And as long as they stick with the heavy power chord/hard-hitting snare approach of tunes like “For Goodness Sakes,” they’ll continue rocking just fine.