Demo & Barn

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After hearing just the four songs on these two singles released this year (the only recordings currently available), Deers is already my new favorite band. Based out of Madrid, the band cites Bay Area garage rockers Ty Segall and Shannon and the Clams as influences. But their delivery here, while fun and energetic, is not so forceful, and brings to mind something more along the lines of the pared-down pop of The Vaselines. It's a perfect combo of swagger, tunefulness and off-the-cuff lo-fi that kills. All four tunes are wonderful, but my two faves are Barn's “Between Cans” and Demo's “Bamboo.” The latter had me hooked as soon as the first tremelo-warped chords rang out and Carlotta Cosials and Ana Garcia Perrote started trading verses with their respective (and complementary) squeaky and husky vocals. Founded as a duo by Perrote and Cosials, the group has recently expanded to a four-piece, with the original two featured on Demo, and all four on Barn (though the sound and vibe are nearly identical on both). Here's hoping the changes and the rapidly increasing media attention (articles by The Guardian, The Independent and Vice) don't spoil things by tightening up the loose fun.