Days of Lore

Not sure which one I love more.

Not sure which one I love more.

May da Schwartz be wit ya
I’m starting a Jason Schwartzman fan club. To be a member, you must grow a moustache similar to the one he sported in The Darjeeling Limited (for the females out there, you can use a fake one … but, of course, being able to grow facial hair is a plus).

We will spend meetings discussing our favorite Schwartzman roles, like Max Fischer (in Rushmore) and Jack Whitman (from Darjeeling and Hotel Chevalier). We will share trivia—like the fact that Schwartzman appeared in Puff Daddy’s music video for “All About the Benjamins” in 1998, and he is the son of Talia Shire, who played ADRIAAAAN!! in the Rocky films. And we will listen to the first three Phantom Planet records on repeat. You in?

This Phantom is alive
Yes, Phantom Planet is the band that did the theme for The O.C. And no, Schwartzman is no longer the drummer, but the band is still going strong and about to release a new record, Raise the Dead (April 15), their first in four years. “Leader” and “Do the Panic” are decent li’l slabs o’ pop rock—and I’m a goin’ to make words shorter wher’er I can.

Phantom Planet will warm things up at Chico State’s BMU Auditorium Sunday, April 6, before performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live the next night and playing two sold-out gigs at the Warfield in San Francisco.

Even more exciting is the fact that Chico’s own People of the Oaks were given the nod to open the BMU show. POTO’s drummer is Daniel Taylor, who coincidentally sports a similar style of glasses Jason Schwartzman did in Rushmore. Now D.T. just needs to grow a ’stache and he’s in!

Note to self: Bring earplugs
Speaking of People of the Oaks, the band had the daunting task of following Imaad Wasif’s insanely brilliant performance at The Crux March 30. Wielding a beautiful Fender Jaguar, Wasif channeled Page as he led his band Two Part Beast through a number of songs from his latest record Strange Hexes. “Wanderlusting” and “Lesser Banshee” were absolutely gorgeous and chaotic. One of the best performances I’ve seen in Chico in a long time.

Understandably, there was fear in the eyes of the members of POTO after Wasif and his band left the stage. But they got up there like champs, and those who stuck around were treated to some sweet, sweet hooks and impressive dual guitars from Matt Daugherty and Ben Tietz.

Aubrey Debauchery, who’s back in town with The Puke Boots after a two-week West Coast jaunt, opened the show. A.D. and the P.B. sounded like a road-seasoned band as they churned out galloping country ditties. Highlights: “Shooters, Roosters, and Skid Row,” “Beggin’ You So” and “Bass Notes.”

What a fuckin’ show. My ears are still ringing.

On the town
There has been a lot of action in Chico … I’m talking some excellent shows on any given night of the week. I headed down to Monstros Pizza March 28 for Dirty Sister’s record-release show. The album rules—skuzzy rock in the vein of Sabbath and The Stooges—there was a good crowd and the band seemed to be coming into its own just as it decided call it a day. Shame.

The following night I poked my head into The Crux for the MC Battle, and that place was packed, too. In fact, I opted to watch from the door as the heat poured from the room. I thought about walking in and … “My name is Mark Lore and I’m here to say / I’m gonna bust it out in an old-school way.” OK, actually … I didn’t wanna get laughed off the stage / but someday I’ll break right outta this cage.

Never mind. It was just nice to see big crowds come out for some hip-hop.

April fools
When I read a recent Synthesis blog saying that Neil Young had died, I immediately knew it was bogus. Never mind the fact it was April Fool’s Day. I knew simply because A) Neil Young will never die, and B) The Synthesis breaking news? Ha! Now that is funny!

Join the Jason Schwartzman fan club today!