Days of Lore

Love won’t hurt anymore. It’s an open smile on a friendly shore.

Get on board
If only I could take credit for those whimsical words of wisdom. I give that credit to Paul Williams and Charles Fox, who, if they read this would probably curse me for reminding people that they’re the authors of The Love Boat theme. Sorry guys; those lyrics are just so poignant and true, and I want the world to know that.

The “L” word is the subject of roughly 99.9943 percent of every song ever written … give or take a 10th of a percent. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day—the one day when it’s cool to be romantic—I have assembled a short list of lyrics from different songs with the word L-O-V-E in them. It’s your job to guess who they belong to. Google them! Send me the name of the artist and the song title! Win a prize!

1. “Love’s a deadly weapon; and murder’s on my mind.”
2. “I believe in love, but it don’t believe in me.”
3. “She talks in terms of love and of some things that I thought I’d risen above.”
4. “ ’Cause I love to make sweet love to you baby.”
5. “Today your love, tomorrow the world.”
6. “I miss those arms that held me, when all the love was there.”
7. “I’m hoping for somebody, somebody who will love me.”

Bursting bubbles
I read in the E-R recently that there were some people who got confused by the paper ballots because the fill-in bubbles weren’t lined up with the candidates’ names. One woman said the lapse in ballot engineering “could possibly cause a mistaken vote.” Well I, too, noticed the offset bubbles. And you wanna know what I did? I PAID ATTENTION TO THE NAMES AND THE BUBBLES AND THEN I VOTED AND EVERYTHING WAS FINE! Great … more affirmation as to why the U.S. is the butt of everybody’s jokes.

Who did you hump for prez?
Voting is a good thing. And it looks like voter turnout is increasing nationwide! I hereby proclaim that voting is the new humping (protected, of course)—everybody’s doing it, and the benefits are immeasurable. And I’m bringing the word “hump” back while I’m at it.

It’s even happening here at the CN&R … voting, not humping … well, I’m sure people are humping, just not at work. Moving on ….

We just finished up tallying votes for the bands that will appear on the 2008 CAMMIES ballot. Our knowledgeable committee, made up of more than 60 people involved in the local music community, narrowed the 312 bands down to 60 nominees in 12 categories. Some of the votes were extremely close. We counted. We recounted. And the results are in. See the nominations at our MySpace page ( We’ve also teamed up with Weston Thomson and, which will be hosting band bios and music there as well.

Voting (humping) and showcases will take place in March and April. Stay tuned.

Award wieners
Moving from CAMMIES to Grammys, but still on the topic of voting (humping). I have an honest question. Why is it that when a movie is an Academy Award winner, or even nominated, it’s usually because it’s a good film? But when a band or an artist is a Grammy Award winner, I usually want to run far, far away from it? And why do certain groups or artists feel that being a Grammy-nominated artist is such a big selling point—using that as a description before even saying word one about the music?

Grammy Award-winning Joe Schecklebutt and his Magnum Opus All-Star Skin-flute Orchestra is playing at Laxson Auditorium this week. Yeah, so?

But, something cool did come out of this year’s Grammy Awards. Chico native Ashley Everett got to dance onstage with Beyoncé … and Tina Turner during a version of “Proud Mary.” Dancing with Beyoncé is one thing, but with Tina?! She wrote “Nutbush City Limits”! ’Nuff said.

I’m humping Obama in ’08